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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The "Bus's" Motor Is Still Running In His Mouth!

Jerome Bettis, "the Bus" may be out of football, but he's still making headlines. Since leaving the Pittsbugh Steelers after winning Super Bowl XL, "the Bus" has predicted that the Steelers won't do very well this season and that Steelers head coach, Bill Cowher will retire after the 2006 season, even though he has a contract until the end of the 2007 season. Bill Cowher wasn't too happy with Jerome's comments and neither are the fans. We all know that sooner or later Cowher will retire, but what good does it do to bring that up now. The Steelers are preparing to defend their championship (a championship that Bettis had a lot to do with) and it doesn't show much class for him to stir up controversy before the season even gets started. I believe in free speach and he has every right to say it, but he needs to use better judgement. Get the rest of the story. That's Pittsburgh steelers news.
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chrisie said...

DEC 24 Steelers vs RAVENS! Hey steeler fans lets unite together to show our support for our players they have been ripped apart by the press and non loyal fans were trying to get this out to everyone attending the game!
When the Steelers take the field to chant WE BELIEVE! lets ban together as the PITTSBURGH NATION and prove we are the best fans in the NFL thanks so much for letting me post this!! WE BELIEVE WE BELIEVe let everyone you know !