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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What Do You Really Know About The Pittsburgh Steelers ?

I've been a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers since I moved from Harrisburg, PA to the Steel City in 1969. Before that I was a Philadelphia Eagles fan. The Steelers after winning Super Bowl XL will be writing more history for the fans to talk about. I know a lot of things about the Steelers, but sometimes a trivia question comes along that I just don't know the answer to. Everyone knows that Steelers announcer Myron Cope invented the what? See if you know these facts about the Steelers. That's Pittsburgh steelers news.
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Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh! It's definitely in the blood come football season to enjoy the Steeler games! I have to say, I wrote a letter to Santa (in joking) asking for a Steeler Superbowl win, because there are so many Steeler Fans all over the WORLD, and I knew this would bring so much happiness to so many throughout the world! I LOVE IT! - Thanks Santa, and Steelers!

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on Ben Toothlisberger? Will he recover in time for season opener and if so will he be able to call audibles on the field? Or will they have to send in an interpreter? I heard he will soon become the new smoothie king spokesperson since the next few months he'll have to consume all his meals through a straw?? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Also, will suzuki team up with Mcdonalds for a new 'flipping bergers' ad campaign?
Things that make you hmmmm? or in Big Ben's case mrrrmmm! Thanks :-)

Irene M. said...

I know EVERYTHING about the Pittsburgh Steelers, considering the fact that my husband and his buisness partner took out buisness cash advances to pay for season tickets two years in a row!