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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Will The Blitzburgh Steelers Prevail In Super Bowl XL ?

The Pittsburgh Steelers defense, known affectionately as "Blizburgh", will obiously be a key to the Steelers success against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. The architech of the Steelers 3-4 defense, defensive coordinator Dick LaBeau says "I think pressure on the ball is the best way to go." And preesure is what the Steelers bring. Ask Peyton Manning or Jake Plummer. Both suffered losses because of Pittsburgh's aggressive defense in the AFC playoffs. Now it's Matt Hasselbeck's turn. The fact that the Seahawks struggled against the 3-4 the only time they faced a good team that uses it — the Dallas Cowboys — has put a heavy spotlight on that matchup this week. Seattle scored just three points in the first 58:34 against the Cowboys before rallying to win 13-10. The seahawks offensive coordinator is well aware of what problems the Steelers 3-4 defense can bring. "They have very good players, and they have speed with those players," said Seahawks offensive coordinator Gil Haskell. "They start with three big men inside, and it takes two men on Casey Hampton to move him out. They have four athletically physical linebackers that are strong men. And then there's No. 43 [Polamalu], he can move any place he wants to, and he makes plays. ... Really, their personnel are excellent." Let's just hope Blizburgh can do the job while Ben and company take care of the score. Get the rest of the story. That's Pittsburgh Steelers news.
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