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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Beware Of The Terrible Towel !

Like a swarm of locusts devouring a corn field, the "Terrible Towel" in the hands of rabid Pittsburgh Steelers fans will blanket Ford's Field in Detroit on Super Bowl Sunday. Already retailers and online sports stores are selling out of the whirling black and gold symbols of Steeler power. Some Steelers fans are buying as many as 200 of the terry cloth taunting hammers. More powerful than a "tomahawk chop" and more inspiring than the Notre Dame fight song, these glorious yellow rags are a must have item for Sunday's Super Bowl XL. The Pittsburgh Steelers faithful have waited ten years to cheer there team to a Super Bowl victory and the one thing that they hope will strike fear into the hearts of the Seattle Seahawks, besides the Pittsburgh Steelers, is to see thousands of "Terrible Towels" waving frantically as they try to run their plays on Sunday. Get the rest of the story and the history of the "Terrible Towel". That's Pittsbugh Steelers news.

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Anonymous said...

can someone please tell me what is up with the seahawk white towels