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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The No Pittsburgh Steelers Football Blues !

The Pittsbugh Steelers haven't even gone to Detroit and the Seattle Seahawks arrive today. Super Bowl XL won't be played until 6 or 7 PM next Sunday and the wait is killing me. If you're a tennis, bowling, golf, basketball, hockey, fly fishing, snow boarding, wrestling or rodeo fan, then you have no problem. But, if you're a die-hard, jersey wearin', six-pak drinkin', nacho eatin', waiting for baseball season to start football fan like I am, then you're out of options. The anticipation around here, in Harrisburg, PA is so high that the pastor of our chuch has referenced the Steelers in his last two sermons. The church bulletin this morning had an announcement that the youth group was going to have a Super Bowl XL party on Feb. 5th in the church sanctuary and show the game on the giant projection screen behind the pulpit. I've been searching the internet for any new Pittsburgh Steelers news and it's slim pickins. I think I'll put on my Jack Lambert #58 jersey, grab a beer and find an old John Wayne movie to watch. Wake me up on game day.

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Anonymous said...

Are the rumors true that since Big Ben broke his jaw and it will have to be wired shut that he can no longer consume any solid foods? I heard he just signed up for a 2 + Million Dollar commercial deal with Cambell's Soup!! His catch phrase is going to be MMMM MMMM MMMM !!! ;-)